About us:

Message from the President:

“Thank you for visiting our website.

We are pleased to announce exciting news to our current customers and potential new customers regarding our recent expansion of test services and technological achievements at PCTEST Engineering Lab.

One of our biggest milestones to date is PCTEST Lab becoming a Verizon Wireless Authorized 3rd Party Lab for LTE (Long Term Evolution) and CDMA conformance testing services. This monumental achievement authenticates PCTEST Lab as a leading test facility for wireless devices and provides a clear path for manufacturers to accelerate their 4G LTE™ deployment schedules for use on the ‘most reliable’ Verizon Wireless network. Furthermore, PCTEST Lab became one of the few test facilities performing LTE™ conformance test in the United States supporting RF, RRM and Protocol Conformance and Over-The-Air (OTA)/aGPS requirements, including FCC, GCF and PTCRB Certification.

In 2015, PCTEST established test facilities in San Jose, California and Kamisu-shi Japan. We are deeply honored that PCTEST was approved by Softbank as a 3rd party test facility for their new Certification Program. We look forward to offering our technical expertise and dedicated customer service to OEMs in California and Japan.

PCTEST Lab will continue its tradition of leadership as a premier laboratory providing comprehensive one-stop wireless testing and certification services, ensuring your product reaches the global marketplace without delay.”

Randy Ortanez